The Better World Summit 2023: Creating a Brighter Future by GBL Heighten

Sneha Gupta

On April 22, 2023, GBL Heighten hosted the Better World Summit 2023, a virtual event aimed at bringing together global business professionals to exchange ideas and work collaboratively towards a better future. GBL Heighten is committed to developing a platform for collaboration that encourages success, believing that collaboration is key to success in the corporate world.

The summit featured distinguished speakers from various sectors across the globe, who offered their creative thoughts on a range of topics. These topics included innovation in technology for social good, improving the quality of education to make it more accessible to all, and environmental conservation and climate action to protect our planet for future generations and some topics covers the Importance of mental health.

Sneha Gupta being a speaker for the topic “Innovations in Technology for Social Good: Leveraging Technology for a Better World” loved the topic and shared her insights being a techie & an entrepreneur. She also asked several questions from the panelists on creating the brighter future in terms of technology which was very helpful in reshaping our future.

The event concluded with a heartfelt thanks note from Sneha Gupta ,CEO of Global Business Line, expressing gratitude to all the attendees, speakers Domagoj Boljar, John Morley, Kathryn L. Goetzke, Pavan Madduru, Hari Rastogi, Dr. Manish Das, PrabhaKar, Dr. Sunil Kumar and Kunal Guha , who shared their expertise, insights, and knowledge on various topics for creating a brighter future., awardees, supporters, and the Global Business Line team for making the event a grand success. Sneha Gupta emphasized the importance of being mindful of our environment and the impact of our actions on it, and the collective responsibility to work towards healing the damage that has been done and also how technology and innovation can be used in creating a better world..

Overall, the Better World Summit 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together leading business professionals and thought leaders from around the world to discuss pressing global challenges and explore new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Through thoughtful discussion, shared learning, and meaningful connections, participants left the summit energized and motivated to continue working towards a better future for all.

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