About Sneha Gupta


Sneha Gupta is an Indian entrepreneur, speaker, IT consultant, trainer and mentor best known for co-founding and leading Rich Webs as its chairman and director, and Global Business Line as its CEO and Director.She has spearheaded transformative initiatives that have propelled businesses and startups towards success, while also serving as a Business & IT Consultant to over 300 enterprises.

Sneha’s expertise lies in crafting robust online presences for businesses, optimizing their operations, and fostering productivity. Her astute guidance has enabled numerous businesses to seamlessly transition into the digital realm, amplifying their reach and impact. She has a keen eye for identifying opportunities, streamlining processes, and implementing cutting-edge technological solutions. With a remarkable track record, she has emerged as a trusted advisor for businesses seeking to harness the power of the digital age.

Beyond her corporate accomplishments, Sneha Gupta is equally renowned as a trainer and mentor. She has been instrumental in nurturing the talents of IT students and aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them towards achieving their goals. Her dedication to fostering the growth of future leaders in the industry reflects her commitment to a sustainable and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sneha’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. Her outstanding achievements have been acknowledged through a plethora of national and international awards, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in her field. Her ability to distill complex concepts into insightful and actionable insights has also made her a sought-after speaker at corporate and social events. Through her speeches, she shares her experiences, strategies, and perspectives, leaving audiences enriched and inspired.

Sneha Gupta’s journey into entrepreneurship was heavily influenced by her upbringing and personal qualities. From a young age, she exhibited a strong sense of social awareness and creativity. Her multifaceted talents earned her accolades in various domains, including dance, drawing, singing, and sports. These diverse skills, combined with her innate drive, laid the foundation for her future successes.


However, it was the profound influence of her parents, particularly her mother Sumitra Gupta, that ignited her passion for entrepreneurship and helping others. Sumitra Gupta, Sneha Gupta’s mother, has played a pivotal role in empowering women through her efforts in teaching art and craft, enabling them to become self-reliant and lead sustainable lives. Her dedication to this cause not only transformed the lives of women in the community but also laid the foundation for Sneha’s own journey of social impact and entrepreneurship.

Sumitra Gupta’s initiative to teach art and craft was more than just a creative pursuit; it was a means to impart valuable skills to women who might not have had formal education or traditional job opportunities. By equipping them with crafting skills, she enabled them to generate income and contribute to their households’ financial stability. Her determination to empower these women highlighted the significance of skill development and financial independence in fostering gender equality and social progress.

Sneha Gupta, from a young age, closely observed her mother’s efforts and imbibed the spirit of compassion and community upliftment. She actively participated in her mother’s mission, and by the age of 10, she took the initiative to contribute further. She began providing free tuition to children in need, emphasizing the importance of education in shaping a better future. Additionally, Sneha recognized the significance of cleanliness and started creating awareness campaigns to educate the community about maintaining a hygienic environment.

This early exposure to community service and social responsibility had a profound impact on Sneha’s values and aspirations. Her involvement in her mother’s initiatives not only developed her sense of empathy but also honed her leadership skills. The values she imbibed from her mother’s work became integral to her own entrepreneurial journey.

Sneha’s dual role of being an entrepreneur and a social influencer was directly influenced by the lessons she learned from her mother’s endeavors. The emphasis on women’s empowerment, education, and community well-being became guiding principles in her professional pursuits as well. By combining her business acumen with her commitment to social causes, Sneha Gupta has been able to create a holistic impact, transforming both businesses and lives.

In essence, the story of Sneha Gupta’s involvement in her mother’s empowerment initiatives serves as a testament to the power of generational influence and shared values. Sumitra Gupta’s dedication to empowering women and Sneha’s subsequent contributions to education and community development demonstrate how individual actions, driven by compassion and purpose, can have a ripple effect that shapes communities and inspires future leaders.

In conclusion, Sneha Gupta stands as an exemplary figure in the Indian entrepreneurial landscape. Her strategic acumen, transformative leadership, and unwavering commitment to uplifting others have set her apart as a true visionary. Through her endeavors with RichWebs, Global Business Line, and her role as a mentor, she continues to shape the future of business and technology, while also embodying the values of community, creativity, and compassion instilled in her by her parents.

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