Glimpses of The Global Business Line Summit 2023

The highly successful Global Business Line Summit 2023 took place on February 24th, 2023 in Bengaluru, powered by Rich Webs. The event brought together entrepreneurs and business leaders from various industries and sectors worldwide to share experiences, insights, and knowledge.

The Summit began with keynote speeches by R.Gopinath Rao, Dy. Director at MSME, Development Institute, India, who talked about the significance of government schemes and their benefits for businesses, followed by Preetam S. Sachdev, Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister Office, Thailand, who discussed the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in Thailand. Kunal Guha, Founder & Editor in chief, Global Business Line, also spoke about the current state of global businesses and the emerging trends shaping the industry.


A highlight of the Summit was the interview between Kunal Guha and R.Gopinath Rao, where they discussed various government schemes and their benefits for businesses. The audience also participated in a Q & A session with the speakers.

The Summit also hosted two panel discussions. The first panel, “Strategies for Implementing and Scaling Innovation across Global Businesses,” included Dhirendra Singh, CEO, Founder & Air Quality Specialist at Airshed, Raajesh Bhojwani, Investor, Founder at RBB Ship Chartering Pte Ltd, Singapore and Dr Sunil Kumar, Economist and Editorial Board Member Global Business Line, who shared their experiences and insights on implementing and scaling innovation in global businesses. The second panel, “Importance of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility,” featured Sasha Kulothungan, Chairperson, Agastya Charitable Foundation, and Sneha Gupta, Founder & CEO Global Business Line, who discussed the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in today’s business world.

The event concluded with a heartfelt thanks note from Sneha Gupta, expressing gratitude to all the delegates, speakers, awardees, supporters, and the Global Business Line team for making the event a grand success. Gupta emphasized the importance of being mindful of our environment and the impact of our actions on it, and the collective responsibility to work towards healing the damage that has been done.

The attendees had the opportunity to network over dinner, making new connections and building lasting relationships. The Global Business Line Summit 2023 provided a unique platform for participants to learn, network, and grow their businesses while recognizing and celebrating the achievements of successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Global Business Line looks forward to hosting similar events in the future to promote entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide.

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